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Removable Wallpaper - A Renters Relief

If you are anything like me, it does not matter if I am a renter or an owner of my home - I will paint and decorate as much as I can, ignoring the fact that I will have to deal with it when I eventually move out. Luckily, the amount of options for renters has exploded, especially in the field of removable wallpaper! I recently moved out of my loved rental and pulled down the removable wallpaper I had in my entryway. There was no evidence I’d done anything to the wall! It was the easiest move-out that I have had. Magic.

I do recommend doing a small test area on your wall before applying the whole sheet. Older paints, plaster walls, and wood paneling may all present problems. Ideally, a fresh coat of smooth paint is best., but I put my wallpaper up over slightly textured paint and it worked out just as well as smooth.

Enjoy these ideas for your freshly designed home!

I’m always drawn to soft tones and simple lines. The paper would soothe in a bedroom, home office, or entryway with its echoing waves of the sea.

I love this Ikat inspired look. It would look best in an active area like a bright hallway or desk space.

Being stuck inside so much this year has deeply renewed my love for plants and greenery. This paper takes it to a whole new level. This would be an amazing and bold choice in a small bathroom.

This Japanese inspired pattern brings life into a room. I love the idea of it on one accent wall in a simply designed space.


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