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An Ode to Monstera

I recently moved to Hawaii and I have always adored these plants as houseplants and in prints. There is something magical in the unfolding of one of the new green leaves - it kept me quite captivated during the early stages of COVID in the US, loving that this plant kept putting out life and magic when everything else seemed to have stopped. Now that I am in Maui, I am surrounded by these gems growing everywhere - in yards, in the forest, in the jungle - they are everywhere! Here is my ode to the beautiful Monstera (and other tropical plant vibes in interior decor.)

Houseplant Gang - who would not love this mini 4"x4" print with a name like that?!

I am in love with single-line organic drawings and this bright yellow throw pillow brings in all that sunshine that is inside of those beautiful leaves.

An orderly lineup of soft little leaves in this print called Cachophy

This little Side Table brings its soft tones and abstraction into any apartment corner. Pile it high with all of your loved plants!

I think that we can all use some healthy, sexy drama. Dark, rich self-adhesive wallpaper hits the perfect spot with these beautiful giant leave.

How about a floor cushion with an abstract pattern of the tropics on it? I imagine this in a corner nook surrounded by all of the fave houseplants.

And to top it off, you can put your new tropical plant into these modern and chic planters to fill your home with the Monstera magic!


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