Bathtub Views of the World

Since travel to exotic locations is off of the table for most of us, I have found myself day-dreaming about faraway lands with the most spectacular bathtubs. Take a trip around the world with me and let these beautiful things inspire our travels someday, and melt away all of your stress. This unbelievable spot is from Lukula Selous Game Sanctuary in Tanzania. Image credit Epic Road. Take a trip to the Maldives and stay at the Ayada on the Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll. Photo Credit Epic Road. Botswana calls next with the Sanctuary Baines' Camp. Imagine emerging from this bubbly dream. Since falling in love with Greece last year (shout out to Patmos and Skaithos Islands!) I knew that I would find so

Yellow is the Color of the Future

Right around March when Covid really hit in my area, I started to become very drawn to the color yellow. I was buying yellow clothing, yellow nail polish, and using the color more in my designs than I ever had. I brought it into my own home designs in the form of chairs and artwork and found myself obsessing over the color and would feel relief every time I would look at it. In the spirit of beautiful things, yellow is one of the most uplifting colors and I think that we could all use as much uplifting as we can get right now. I've put together a curation of different yellow items, textures, and ideas to uplift your day. Enjoy! I've been getting more and more into mid-century furniture a

Black is Back

We all need a touch of drama in our lives, as it is inherent in our nature. But I think we can be choosey about how we invite it in.


Right now, it seems as if all of our social media is full of stressful images and stories. I found myself looking at beautiful things to give my system a break! So, for all of our own sanity, here are some of my favorite wall mirrors at the moment and a reminder of the power and importance of beautiful things in our world. Enjoy! This nice geometric stack is framed so nicely. Find them at AllModern. Beautiful, simple, sustainable and Fair Trade. The Citizenry does it all so well. I can’t resist mirrors that feel as if they were weathered over the years in Europe. From Anthropologie. I'm not sure what all is going on here, but I’m sure I like it. From NeimanMarcus. Soft organic shapes

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