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Yellow is the Color of the Future

Right around March when Covid really hit in my area, I started to become very drawn to the color yellow. I was buying yellow clothing, yellow nail polish, and using the color more in my designs than I ever had. I brought it into my own home designs in the form of chairs and artwork and found myself obsessing over the color and would feel relief every time I would look at it.

In the spirit of beautiful things, yellow is one of the most uplifting colors and I think that we could all use as much uplifting as we can get right now.

I've put together a curation of different yellow items, textures, and ideas to uplift your day. Enjoy!

I've been getting more and more into mid-century furniture after resisting it for a long time. It is the beautiful wood that finally called me in. I love a lot of things about this sofa - the long, singular bottom cushion (that is my all-time favorite sofa cushion style, as it lends itself SO well to napping), the yellow fabric, the fabric details around the cushions on the arms and the bottom, and the way that it is all cradled in very beautiful wood. I approve!!

This is a canvas print, though I wish it was a live neon art piece. I would consider it a more affordable option than sculptural neon, and keep visualizing this in a bathroom.

Texture is one of the best and least committed ways to bring interest into the designs of a room, and this yellow knot pillow does it so well. These could be easily thrown around a sofa, bringing it from a standard look, to an uplifting sculptural experience!

This indoor/outdoor Ikat rug brings good feelings when I look at it. It isn't just a slap-dash of bright yellows that comes on too strongly, as it works in greys, blacks, and warmer oranges that bring a lot of interest. I love the mix of patterns. Outdoor furniture can be quite uninteresting, but a rug like this underneath a standard outdoor table and chairs would bring a lot of personality.

I love little tables - they are so easy to move around and style and they satisfy my need for constant updates in my spaces. I love these little yellow ones to brighten up any corner.

Lastly, this little starburst of a chair stands alone in the category of uplifting decor. Again, you would need a very certain style in your home to make this work, but if it did, I know that you would never feel low while sitting at your breakfast table in these bright chairs. :)


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