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My Favorite Sofas for my Personal Home

I have been shopping for a new sofa for my own home, and though there are so many beautiful and worthy pieces out there, I keep coming back to one specific style that I love and it has me reflecting on what makes a great sofa. First, I am obsessed with single cushion sofas for a few reasons. I think they have a fantastic look that is sleek and simple. And more importantly, I love taking naps. Single cushion sofas are by far my favorite place to steal a quick 20-minute nap during a busy day. Here I have broken down three different sofas I considered for my home and why each one was worth it!

The Anton Sofa by West Elm is the most casual sofa I considered. I love the straight wood legs that create a streamlined look. The sofa gives the feeling of being casually surrounded by pillows on all sides without drowning in them. Retails for around $2,000

The Grammercy Sofa by Four Hands, retailing for around $2,000, is almost perfect. It has well-structured back and side cushions, as well as a clean metal base supporting the whole sofa. It is modern and so comfortable all at once. (Spoiler - I bought this one)

Lastly is the Maxx Sofa by Four Hands, which retails for around $3,000. This has a built-in cushion on the base and very sexy leather that will make any room look fabulous. I love the light-tone wood base and even arms with the back. The only challenge is that it is a bit too formal for what I want in my personal space.


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