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Black is Back

(In my world, black has never 'not' been back, but I like that saying too much to skip it.)

We all need a touch of drama in our lives, as it is inherent in our nature. But I think we can be choosey about how we invite it in. My vote? Forget the unrelenting drama of 2020, and bring that drama in with the utmost style through a dramatic bath. Nothing says high drama more than slipping into warm water in a fantastic and moody space.

It is easy to find drama in moder decor, but I am loving this modern meets farmhouse look from Signature Hardware. The tub is copper and it has amazing raised sides to lean into. I love this one.

This beautiful tub would look perfect balanced with an unbelievable view and I would love to feel the cool stone against my back as I slip into the warm waters. This tub will set you back a bit, but then again it looks and feels like it was carved right from the earth. From the Sink Boutique.

This beautiful drama could only be found in one of my favorite places on Earth - Paris. The French do design and drama so tastefully. They are my favorite muse when it comes to both of these areas. Designs by The Sisters Agency.

Now, a much more accessible option is accessories. I love everything about these matte handles and spigots from Homary. Tres chic.

And for the perfect drama without needing to remodel a single thing, this caddy has my heart forever. I love the rustic simplicity wrapped in inky black. From Peg and Awl.


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